Live: Trump holds a campaign rally in Dallas, Texas

 Live : President Donald Trump Holds a campaign rally in Dallas, Texas

Expected live at 8 p.m. ET: President Trump travels to Dallas, Texas for his 'Keep America Great' rally. This takes place amid the House Democrats' impeachment push and as Vice President Pence announces the U.S. and Turkey have agreed to a ceasefire in Syria.

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I will be taking the stage in Dallas shortly. Here are some of the GREAT things we are doing for Texas!

Live : President Donald Trump Holds a campaign rally in Dallas, Texas 

Viewer reaction:

Maryanne Kruszewski Go Texas! So refreshing to see so many in unity for our great country

Loveda Proud An incredible turn out in Dallas! Go Trump! Four more years! I wish I could have gone to the rally! I live in Dallas!

Tammy Benzien Love you and all you have done for Americans. All my clients are back to work and making a living again!.

Cari Alvarez These are the days of Yah's grace upon this nation, may we not miss the visitation of HIS PRESENCE as HE shares this president with us, for this season of our lives.

Alfonso Dcaprio Keep the great work moving with protecting of our borders you’ve done more than any fu*king Democrat president ,You still up and always will… we’ve have a lot of energy today. You looked great ,what a wonderful rally. Go Trump 2020.

Christopher J Sica Im happy with what your doing now just have polosi thrown out on the street and striped of all power and you'd be a the best president we've ever had lol

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