Live from the The Oscars 2018: Red carpet interviews with Hollywood stars and filmmakers

We’re talking to actresses, screenwriters and filmmakers live from the red carpet for the Oscars. Pop Culture Host Hannah Jewell interview the stars

Viewers reacted to Live from the The Oscars 2018

Nicolas Michelakos The choice will be on which fits the liberal PC agenda best….and the ones that don’t.

A boatload of illuminati- Satanist who have sold their souls for riches and game. I’m sure crybaby Satanist Jimmy Fallen angel will bash our great potus

John Saenz This is how the media is responsible for the wave of men being accused without evidence.

No investigation, trial, or anything else can ever clear the name of a man once he is accused and thank you so much Live from the The Oscars 2018

Paula ‘Latteri’ Balcome I’m glad they avoided him. It would be pretty hypocritical of they if they just talked to him like it’s not happening

Derek Gilliland So he’s Guilty? Why. Because she says? Isn’t there two sides to every story? Guess not!! I can only hope that someday those who comment that he’s guilty…should someday have an issue arise where they are guilty before presenting a defense. Hmmm. Typical of where are country is at!!!!!


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