Live Donald Trump Press Conference at the NATO Summit.

Live Donald Trump Press conference at the NATO Summit.

President Donald J. Trump holds a press conference during the second day of the NATO summit.

President Donald J. Trump holds a press conference during the second day of the NATO summit.

Người đăng: Fox News vào Thứ Năm, 12 Tháng 7, 2018

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Doreen Ahern I cannot get over the fact that every time the First Lady of the United States is photographed, without exception she looks like she just walked off a magazine cover. 

Rusty Dillingham Did you notice Merkel wouldn't stand close to Melania? I guess Angela felt stupid wearing that pant suit designed by Michael Moore.

John Polly I mean, a sitting US President refuses to enforce Russian sanctions, frequently meets with Russians, has a team almost entirely up to their necks in specifically Russian connections, trashes NATO, fulfills all of Russia's geopolitical goals, meets with Putin, in private, with literally no other Americans in the room to provide witness for what he's saying. All in less than a year. That's mind-blowing. That's legitimately one of the craziest things to ever happen in politics, period. It's unheard of for a leader of a nation as wealthy, powerful and large as the US to have a leader so hopelessly, obviously compromised by the leader of a much weaker nation and everyone just sort of shrugs.

I mean, I truly don't know how to comprehend the level of denial. I'm just waiting for the aftershock when most of the population finally catches on. Watching it slowly dawn on all the majority of of America that the President is a really stupid, gullible Russian asset.

Tracy Hyde Shields This is nothing more than public relations. No real substance or policy here. Where are the country flags or program to drive international relations and goodwill?

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