Lions Fans Are Pissed At NFL Refs For Not Calling Chiefs’ OT For False Start Penalty

The recent game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Lions has left Lions fans feeling frustrated and angry towards the NFL referees. The controversial call involving Patrick Mahomes, the Chiefs’ star quarterback, and the perceived missed penalty on their right tackle has sparked outrage among supporters.

Lions fans believe that the referees let Mahomes get away with a potentially game-changing foul, leading to an unfair advantage for the Chiefs. This incident has ignited a heated debate among football enthusiasts, with many expressing their disappointment in the officiating of the game.

Lions Fans Are Pissed At NFL Refs

The anger and frustration felt by Lions fans highlight not only their passion for their team but also their desire for fair play and unbiased officiating. This incident serves as a reminder of how important it is for referees to make accurate calls that uphold the integrity of the game.

Lions Fans Are Pissed At NFL Refs For Not Calling Chiefs’ OT For False Start Penalty

As discussions continue regarding this controversial moment, it is clear that Lions fans are demanding accountability from NFL referees, hoping for fair treatment in future games. 

Viewers react to Lions Fans Are Pissed At NFL Refs 

Jennifer DeCaro
So what I take from this game is without holding, lining up deep or jumping early it is not possible to stop Hutchinson? As the review ref at halftime said they were making sure he was legal and as long as his head was at the belt line of the center he wasn’t lining up in the backfield for an illegal formation. Then immediately cuts to them lining up clearly way behind the center. I’m not a fan of either team, but they totally called tripping on the Lions when the Cheifs did it the drive before and got away with it lol.

Miguel Penny Pincher
Bc they want them to win we all know this. You see how fast they went to commercial or onto the ne t play and no instant replay. Kind of sad. He tackled by Hutchinson on the one play and it wasn’t called this is wild to watch.

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