Lifford Shellingford Audition | He GETS a GOLDEN BUZZE Britain's Got Talent

A Change Is Gonna Come’ for Lifford after he gets a GOLDEN BUZZER!

Lifford Shellingford Audition

Lifford Shillingford is a 42-year-old singer from South London.

He attempts to woo the judges with his rendition of A Change Is Gonna Come by Sam Cooke.

Lifford Shellingford sings A Change Is Gonna Come by Sam Cooke.for his Britain's Got Talent 2018 Audition

Former Artful Dodger collaborator Lifford Shillingford is no stranger to the big time, but having waved the spotlight goodbye years ago, now feels ready to step out of the shadows again.

Viewers reacted to Lifford Shellingford Audition

Lizz Davidson He was amazing but I don't think she should of give the gold buzzer cause she knew him and he was a professional singer just my thoughts

Karl Wilson Why was it amazing? He's a professional singer. It should come as no surprise that he could sing. 

On the other hand, absolutely brilliant song choice and well deserved golden buzzer. love Lifford Shellingford Audition

Lin Watson He has a good voice, but it was obvious that Alesha would give him the golden buzzer. He already knows people to open the right doors, yes he should be in the final but not a golden buzzer

AJ Leader How many times must it be said, there are plenty of shows for singers! As for the golden buzzer, it should not of been allowed for her to press it as she knew him!!

Elizabeth Bernadette Barry Aww this was an amazing choice for the golden buzzer off Alisha , so pleased she pressed it for himt, he sang his hear out

Kevin Heath Personally I'm getting a little peeved with this seasons BGT. There's too many professional second chancers on the show rather than genuine contestants. If there's not enough original talent to fill up a series perhaps it's time to bring the programme to and end.

Mary Shannon He only got her golden buzzer cos she knew him ,that was not fair !! and the amount of ppl that are coming on the show to reclaim their fame is rediculous and should not be allowed , i always thought the shows was for new talent and not for ppl who had it already. really love Lifford Shellingford Audition today

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