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Leah-Jenea the Four Season 2 Finale

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Leah-Jenea the Four 

Leah-Jenea Gaines – 17 – Newark NJ – Best Part by Daniel Caesar – She comes from a very musical household. Her dad is a rapper. She wears crazy outfits! She’s still in high school. Oh. A+ outfit. She has a beautiful jazzy tone. Lovely phrasing–incredible.  She sounds way older than 17. Like an old pro.  Diddy says, “You know what you did…you did that.” Meghan says “you sound like NOBODY. You sound like Leah Jeneah.” Khalid compliments her vibe and energy. 3 blue rings – Leah challenges James Graham

True Colors by Cyndi Lauper – Leah is a newbie. The 17 year old secured her seat only two weeks ago. This song is a little mellow at first, but then on the second verse she did kick it up a notch. Still, not sure if that was enough to garner votes. Her tone is gorgeous, the rendition lovely.But it wasn’t WOW. Diddy wasn’t sure she chose the right song until the end of the song, “You got that feeling girl.” Khaled says “That was beautiful.” But he warns her to kick it up a notch next time. 

Sharaya J vs Whitney Reign Challenge Round 2Leah Jenea – Golden by Jill Scott – Leah tearfully admits that she has struggled with her confidence. “To me Leah is perfectly imperfect,” says Diddy. Leah unseated James once…can she do it again? Probably. Not only is she super talented, but the judges REALLY like her. Good song choice for her. And I don’t think all of her choices have been the best. Her stage presence could use some work, but she’s a singer with a tone of potential. A couple of pitchy spots, still her phrasing is beautiful. 

Call Out My Name by The Weeknd – Now, her song choice is the type of think James usually kills. Will Leah beat him at his own game? Regardless, she has a unique talent and deserves a seat. Leah-Jenae leaves Jeronelle in the dust.  However, I did like her first song better. But still. This was pretty great. Khaled is blowing his air horn. 

Leah Jenea Performs "Call Out My Name" 

Meghan thinks both are incredible. But Leah has the whole package thing! She thought James would have won the competition. But now Leah! Khaled felt he did his thing. he compliments his consistency, but… Khaled is looking for something new. He namechecks Michael Jackson, Mary J. Blige “I feel like that’s what Leah is.” Oh poor James is getting the bum’s rush.

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Diddy says Leah is probably the only one who could have beat him, and that he was trying to be somebody else.  “Your spirit, your energy took over the room,” says Diddy about Leah. Leah-Jenea Wins The Challenge. James is Eliminated. Like I said…James will be back for next week’s Comeback.  And James knows it. He doesn’t even seem upset. 

Carvena Jones vs Ebon Lurks – I barely remember either of these artists. Carvena was an original knocked out week 1 by Majestie Person. Ebon was…erm…Oh he lost to Jesse Kramer in Week 3. 

Carvena Jones – I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston – EEP this song choice. She doesn’t have the chops to do this song justice. It’s an emotionally flat performance. Zzzz. That was not good. 

Ebon Lurks – Congratulations by Post Malone – At least he chooses a contemporary song. A much better song choice, suited to his vocal style. He’s not about to hit any big notes either. But the song’s vibe is about putting out a chilly vibe. 

Meghan calls Carvena “confident.” Diddy says “I was able to hear you as an artist.” he says to Ebon. He’d sign both of them though. Fergie says it was the closest battle of the night. Carvena wins the Challenge. Ebon is Eliminated. WELL I DO NOT AGREE. Ebon won that battle easily.  Carvena challenges Leah-Jeneah

Leah-Jeneah –  Focus by H.E.R. – Leah brings something different to the competition. Her phrasing and tone are so unique. It’s hard to imagine her losing this battle. Her head voice is gorgeous. 

Carvena Jones – Feeling Good by Nina Simone – This is a better song choice for Carvena, who doesn’t have a big voice. She can do more with phrasing here. And she is putting up a good fight here. I prefer Leah, but wouldn’t be too mad if they chose Carvena. 

Khaled says he was waiting for what Carvena did. Khaled says, “It’s gonna be a touch one.” Diddy once again wonders who he would sign. He tells Carvena she did everything perfect. Leah did not do everything perfect. However “Sometimes a performance can have something so raw and vulnerable, that’s what music is about.” He continues, “You vibe is really really special.” Pretty much where I’m at here. CONFAB CONFAB CONFAB. Leah Wins the Challenge Carvena is Eliminated. 

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