Latest on Mila Stauffer Dumps On Breakups: Karen Gets Dumped

Mila Dumps on breakups

The Stauffer twins are trying to guess crazy soda flavors while blindfolded! Do you think they can they guess the right flavor? Watch and see who wins!

Mila and Emma are going head to head to see who can act out their favorite emojis !! Watch the full video to find out who wins the game!

Karen gets dumped and Mila has to deal.

Mila doesn’t love the transition from summer to fall

Mila and Emma sip and discuss life

Mila Heads to the gym to see what all the hype is about. She works out with celebrity trainer Alexander Denk aka “Denkster” 

Mila goes to the gym

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Teresa Becker Your daughters make me laugh and feel better about my everyday struggles. I am a teacher and I would have loved to have been able to teach them at some point! Very beautiful girls, beautiful family, and a genuine and healthy escape from everyday life provided by these two young ladies. Thank you girls for making my day with your videos.

Renee Mastro I love these silly little girls! And to all of you who don’t like them or have bad things to say about them, leave this post and be a hater on another page!

Steffany Schulman Drengberg These girls need to have a show. I’m a mom of two and get the biggest laugh out of your girls. Thanks for sharing. They are adorbs

Sadaytria Rawls I adore Mila. She's so over Karen and Jeff! 

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