Laine Hardy Sings Hey Jude by The Beatles on American Idol Top 5

TONIGHT the Top 5 each perform THREE songs!

 Mentor Bobby Bones' picks 

Music of Elton John 

Tributes to their heroes 

Which performances are you most excited for?

His big brother Bubba is his hero. No really. His name is Bubba. They used to take river trips in Louisiana! Those were good days. Bubba took his role as big brother VERY seriously. This performance feels less loungy than his prior songs. However, cutting Hey Jude down to a minute is problematic. The end should have gone on longer! Lionel says, “VOTE.” Katy calls it “Super cool, you’ve got this.” She thanks him for coming back.  Laine has had stronger weeks. But, he’s got people. 

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TONIGHT the Top 5 perform songs selected by mentor Bobby Bones! But what songs would they pick for each other? 👀

What songs do YOU want to hear them sing?

Laine Hardy sings Hey Jude by The Beatles on American Idol Top 5

Madison has a beautiful voice but is just another voice of many. While beautiful voice like many singers, Laine is an original! He has the voice, he most certainly has looks, he has style and entertainment. He just draws you in, in every way….He reminds me of how women felt of Elvis but beyond that. I am a grown woman, screaming with excitement when he sings and he surely entertains me.

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