Laine Hardy Memorize You Performance On american idol 2021

Laine Hardy Performs Memorize You On American Idol 2021

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American Idol season 17 winner Laine Hardy is coming back home on Sunday May 16 to perform his brand new single, “Memorize This.”  The new song, written by Eric Arjes, Michael Tyler and Steven Dale Jones also has an accompanying music video, that premiered exclusively on Facebook. ” Returning to the stage where it all started! Can’t wait to stop by American Idol on Sunday night. ” He shared ” My new song, “Memorize You” will be available everywhere tonight at 9pm PT/11pm CT” 

Laine Hardy: I wanted to give y’all a first listen of my new song “Memorize You” that’ll be out Friday to say thanks for all of the support! Hope y’all like it

Watch Laine Hardy Memorize You performance

Get you a manager that can tailor a shirt with tape… my shirt was blowing in the breeze while filming the video for my new song ‘Memorize You,’ so we had to improvise

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WINNER of American Idol 2019 | Laine Hardy’s Journey

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Fan react to Laine Hardy Memorize You performance

Wendy Powell
I love it. Playing over and over, trying to learn the lyrics to this beautiful song. Congratulations and well done. Have a great concert tonight and tomorrow. Travel safely. Laine, absolutely going to be a hit, love it. Good job, guys for the music. Didn’t recognize Kyle Hardy on banjo. Kyle looked so different, no hat and dressed up. You Hardy boys are so talented. Good job all the way around. This is a switch from country. I think people will love it

Good one, Laine. Can we have the video up on YouTube so we can all see it? There is just the audio now with the comments turned off. I’m sure there are a lot of people who would love to tell you how much they love your new song! 

Jackie Cole
I’m so excited! Laine for you. This is awesome. Wish I could be there tonight and tomorrow night to hear you and see you. But I will be there at lake Charles. Good luck and I know you will give it you very best. Returning to the stage sounds awesome! You definitely left your mark on the ldol stage two years ago and it hasn’t been the same since. So proud of all your accomplishments since winning American Idol and the best is yet to come for you! Just keep playing your guitar and singing your songs for us! We love it!

Can’t wait to see you on TV again Sunday night. So glad you’re doing concerts again. I love your new song and video Memorize You!! I’m so happy you and Gracie are a couple. She’s so pretty. You two make the cutest couple. We were at your concert last February at The Barn in Sanford. We’ll catch another concert soon.  I can’t wait to see you again tonight. It has been since October 6. I can’t wait to hear you sing Memorize You tonight and tomorrow night. You have some awesome songs. 

Laine, all of a sudden, you are a busy young man. WE will be watching. I am so happy for you .and your accomplishments. You have many more to come. Grab every opportunity while you are young.Reach for the stars

Carol Day Clements
Sorry- as much as I love Laine I Won’t be watching. After Idol has removed Caleb from the show for something that happened when he was 12 is just terrible. The show has an agenda and Caleb winning was not in it.

Yes to Norma, Linda, Ann, Michelle, etc. It’s about time AND AI better treat you like the talented, respected, entertainer AND artist that you ARE LAINE HARDY! We, your fans, will be annoyed if they do a quick drive by or cut you off early. Just saying. We will be watching Laine Hardy, prepared to Party with Laine Hardy, from Port Orchard and love Laine Hardy Memorize You performance tonight

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