American Idol Top 5 Laci Kaye Booth Dreams Performance Video

Laci Kaye Booth Sings “Dreams” (by Stevie Nicks) Mother’s Day Dedication – American Idol 2019 Top 5

Laci and her grandmother walk through a gallery of photos from when Laci was young. FINALLY tonight, Laci turns it up. This is a beautiful rendition. She really is best when it’s her and a guitar.

Bandzilla drowned her out on the first song. And the second song was all wrong for her. But this is Laci at her best. Is it enough? Will people vote based on this performance? A few wobbles here and there, but beautiful phrasing from Laci. Lione. thinks Laci is coming back stronger than ever. “I’m a mess right now,’ says Katy, “I feel like everyone’s mom! We love every single one of these contestants.” Luke thinks it was a complete visual into the future of her career. 

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