AI Top 20 Duets: Laci Kaye Booth and Brett Young Sing Mercy

Laci Kaye Booth and Brett Young sing Mercy for Top 20 Duets

Laci Kaye Booth and Brett Young 

Tonight on American Idol Season 17 Top 20 contestants will perform duets with celebrity guests. But by the end of the night, three of the idol hopefuls will be sent home, giving us the first half of this season’s Top 14.

Laci Kaye Booth with celebrity duet partner Brett Young

Unreal is right! Absolutely the very best version of that song I've ever heard! I guarantee she'll be recording that song for the masses! Thousands of others and USA Today seems to agree

I've listened to this over and over, I can't believe how great this girl is. Stunning and talented. She could definitely win this one.

Laci Kaye Booth and Brett Young sing Mercy by Brett Young during the Top 10 Duet round in front of Luke Bryan, Lionel Richie and Katy Perry. 

Laci is obsessed with his music, “I’m fangirling for sure,” she says. Laci ALWAYS plays with her guitar. But not tonight. “I want to push myself to my limit,” says Laci. He’s got that nasally country twang thing going. His voice is kind of annoying, actually. I don’t like the way their voices blend so much as a result. But Laci’s vocal is gorgeous and filled with feeling throughout this beautiful ballad. I love her raspy tone. Aw. Laci’s mom is crying in the audience. “That was incredible performance,” says Lionel, “So believable. I thought I was watching a serious love affair on stage. “You sprinkle stardust everywhere,” says Katie. “I don’t want to play favorites but…” Luke says, “When you sing it hits your right in the heart.” 

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Viewer react to Laci Kaye Booth and Brett Young performance

Gina Marie Such an anointing on her voice. You can’t teach the magic she has. Truly a talented young lady.

Harlee Renee She is so breathtaking. I really enjoy listening to her perform.

Johnny Harper She is miss America idol in my Book. She has got my vote all the way threw.

Nicole Townsend I am a huge fan shes unbelievably talented. I listened to this over an over. Laine an lacy all the way. My 2 favorites

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