Kyla Jade Sweet Sweet BabySince You've Been Gone | ‘The Voice’ Top 11

Kyla Jade Sings “Sweet Sweet BabySince You’ve Been Gone”

Kyla Jade Sweet Sweet BabySince You've Been Gone

For Monday’s Top 11 episode of “The Voice,” viewers are more involved than ever. Not only do you vote for your favorite contestants, but you have helped select the songs that will be performed during “America’s Choice”

I like that Kyla is singing a great Aretha song that is NOT overplayed. Blake is happy Kyla will have the chance to bring some sass to the stage. This song has SUCH A GREAT HOOK. Dressed in a gold sheath, Kyla’s throaty vocals are perfect. She doesn’t veer much from the original until she adlibs at the end, but the performance is upbeat and fun. She ends the song on a soaring note and a defiant yelp.  Alicia is out of her seat, calling Kyla “phenomenal” and “inspiring” in how she owns her own space. Kelly calls Blake lucky. Kyla snarks that they all should’ve hit their button. Kelly insists that she did!  Blake is proud how she’s found courage to step into the foreground.

Kyla Jade takes center stage!

Kyla Jade sings Aretha Franklin's "Sweet Sweet Baby (Since You've Been Gone)" during the live Top 11 performances.

Kyla Jade sings Jennifer Hudson's "One Night Only" during the live top 12 performances.

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Viewers reacted to Kyla Jade Sweet Sweet BabySince You've Been Gone

Lois Reynolds Can you imagine the people on here who said she was "screaming"….omg…..completely off track ……she was super ……best in show!

Joyella Morehouse I've never posted on here before, but I couldn't resist after Kyla's performance tonight! Hand her the trophy and end the show!!! She KILLED it tonight!!!! Amazing!

Melissa Evely Damovski Good performance but she doesn't need to always hit the high notes to get noticed, at times it sounds like she's screaming..

Christy Drawdy Nope. She performs great to a point then but it’s all needless screaming to me. Not sure why the two extra off key yells at end were used…..

Deven Jon Kinkead People who say she wasn't screaming don't have ears. Aretha Franklin has a big voice and has the ability to PROJECT that without screaming. Kyla had to scream to get that false power that aretha had. Projection and screaming are completely different. Bad song choice for Kyla.

Atlantis Jerome Taylor I can’t wait for her to be in the finale!!! Keep singing Kyla. You style is your style and those who don’t like it can go listen to someone else. Simple as that, love Kyla Jade Sweet Sweet BabySince You've Been Gone

Sharon Gauthier This woman is hand down the best talent this year! There was no screaming and her dynamics were great. I am a faithful Canadian fan who is not allowed to vote but if I could she would get my vote. She is so deserving to win this competition. A great competition all the way around!! Well done Kyla and all the competitors! Each one of you is a class act!!

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