The Voice 2018 Kyla Jade – Top 12: “One Night Only

Kyla Jade One Night Only

Kyla Jade is singing a Jennifer Hudson song. Kyla Jade says says that singing this song is important because she sang background for Jennifer Hudson.  Blake says it’s a full circle moment for Kyla, this gives her a chance to not be in the background anymore.  Her talent is undeniable.  Hud gives her support! Just Kyla and the piano to start.   This is really good.  She is completely owning the rest of them.  Slaying this song with sass and attitude.  The coaches are all up on their feet, most of them through the majority of the performance.   She destroyed that in a good way.

Kyla Jade sings Jennifer Hudson's "One Night Only" during the live top 12 performances.

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Viewers reacted to  Kyla Jade One Night Only

Richard Li She is the only one — besides perhaps Sharane — whose album I would buy if it came out tomorrow. People on here commenting how they can’t stand to look at her or how she needs a haircut are missing the point of this show entirely. And people who say she’s screaming — if that’s screaming, then I want to scream like her. She might not be your taste, but for a lot of people she has a certain power and truth to her voice. Let us enjoy that.

Rockenson Junior Jean The winner of the voice can we stop the show and give her the trophy…she deserve it no competition for her

Mark Rimmer Someone needs to inform Blake that One Night Only is from Dream Girls, it isn't a Jennifer Hudson song. She did play Effie and sang it in the movie, love Kyla Jade One Night Only tonight

Nancy A. Renaud I am appalled that people are making uncomplimentary comments about her looks. So what if she is bigger than your average pop star? If just so happens she can sing rings around your average pop star. Looks can change, She has an exquisite voice and that is why they call this show The Voice. It's not about looks. Shame on those of you who are so critical.

Kathy Walker Each one is great but my husband and I absolutely love Kyla! She is a beautiful woman and her voice is so rich and velvety smooth…classic and powerful….and it draws you in! I love seeing the change in her too… she started out where you could hear her and see it where she'd hold back, as if she was still singing in the background and more and more, the change, which was most prominent tonight, to me anyways… she OWNED that stage….beautiful job! really love Kyla Jade One Night Only

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