The Voice 2018 Kyla Jade – Live Playoffs: “How Great Thou Art” – Donald Trump – American Idol – America`s Got Talen

The Voice 2018 Kyla Jade – Live Playoffs: “How Great Thou Art”

Kyla Jade How Great Thou Art

Kyla Jade posted on her facebook page:

" I don't really know where to start. I have typed and deleted this message for the past 2 hours. I am deeply touched and grateful for the overwhelming outpouring of KINDNESS and SUPPORT. I often talk about "loving in Action" and that is exactly what happened. Good notes, bad notes, God was glorified and that is what i set out to do. The fact that you stood with me and held me up has reduced me as I type this to tears once again.

Thank you everyone who posted, tweeted, reposted, texted, emailed, called, harassed (lol) , stalked and Voted on the app. It is because of YOU that i moved forward. If i get voted off NEXT week it will never change the fact that you supported my stand in faith last night. I love you all and please know I am thankful from the bottom of my heart "

Kyla Jade sings the traditional song "How Great Thou Art" during live playoffs.

The Voice 2018 Knockout – Kyla Jade: "You Don't Own Me"

Kyla Jade sings Aretha Franklin's "See Saw" during her blind audition.

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Viewers reacted to Kyla Jade How Great Thou Art :

Lucie Theriault What is happening tonight?? Are they struggling with the sound or what? All the contestants sound pitchy… usually they're great.. am I the only one that thinks like this…

Gloria Kilgore Sedita This is my favorite hymn and she did not do it justice! Why do they think they need to “make it their own”????
Truly disappointed!

Mary Harrison Laws Different strokes for different folks. No one has to be rude or cruel just because people have different taste. I thought it was beautiful and heart felt. I am glad ALL music is represented and allowed to be done.

Melinda Hays 

Tho none go with me, still i will follow…
God's got you sweet lady and i was SO PROUD of you for using that platform to glorify His name! many pass at a chance to be that bold but you made a difference that you wont ever realize here and now -but one day you will!!! i love you sweet lady. to God be the glory!

Alley Angel Artist Aphropik You ain't talking about me cause I haven't prayed for you to win a single solitary time… I believed in you long ago and that's never changed. I still expect a 2007 Mercedes 4matic just as we discussed in 2006. Think back. I will still be replacing the number 4 with the word 'ill'. Thanks and good bless.

Shelby Dederick Simpson Last night was amazing for us your fans too! You killed it! Thanks for sharing your gift with us!

Taria Scott NBC Voice. You just messed up big time, I will not download your app and I don't do twitter. What is the point of even watching, plus you are cramming everything back to back – can't even enjoy the show.

Dolly Leonard I think some of the best singers did indeed make poor song choices and d idnt get my high votes. I thought Proyor did better but think after his performance Britton may taken it all.

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