Top 10 BEST Kirk Jay Performances The Voice Season 15 All Times

Kirk Jay’s Journey on The Voice – The Voice 2018 (Compilation)

 Kirk Jay Performances

Country singer Kirk Jay is first in the hearts of fans, family and friends back in Alabama, but took third place Tuesday night on the live finale of NBC's "The Voice." 

“He’s lived a lot of life in a short amount of time,” country star Blake Shelton said of Montgomery resident Jay on Monday's performance show. “When he gets on the stage and performs, he’s giving it everything that he has.”

The win belonged to Chevel Shepherd, 16, who was announced at the end of the two-hour episode.

 Kirk Jay Age: 22

 Kirk Jay Hometown: Bay Minette, Alabama       

Resident: Montgomery, Alabama 

Kirk grew up in Alabama extremely poor and remembers times when there was no electricity, water or even food. At five years old, Kirk started playing drums at church and singing in the choir. In 2014, Kirk met a music manager who brought him to perform for Teddy Gentry, the bass player for the band Alabama. In 2015, Kirk started doing open mics and shocked the audience with his country sound. Word spread and bar owners started booking him.

Kirk Jay's Journey on The Voice 

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Kirk Jay and Rascal Flatts 

Kirk Jay and Blake Shelton

Kirk Jay Tomorrow

Team Blake's Kirk Jay performs "Tomorrow" on stage for The Voice 

Kirk Jay and Kuntry Funk

Chevel Shepherd & Kirk Jay

Kirk Jay Top Interview

Kirk Jay Says 'It Was A Special Moment' When Rascal Flatts Supported Him

Viewers react to  Kirk Jay Performance

Virginia Dew Great job Kirk, Don't worry Blake wiil have you on Country Radio soon

Wanda Lafollette I don't know how Kirk didn't win The Voice he should have won The Voice 

Sandra Cambre Brady Blake , help Kirk, he deserves to be on the radio! I love this young man since I heard his voice. Love u Blake I know u will do what's right

Judy Kip Was hoping Kirk was going to win, he had my attention all the way through, his voice is soooo good…hope he continues to rise and have a super career.

Nancy J Kinyanzwa I still don't understand how he never won. He deserved to be the voice!! I can't wait to see what next for him. Come on BLAKE do something! really love Kirk Jay peformances on the voice

Carol Easton Sorry he did not win, but I believe he has a fantastic career ahead of him! This is the voice I want to fall to sleep to, you know you turn the radio on at night or put a cd in to play to fall to sleep to,, this is it!

Linda Mitchell Newton I think he will go far !! He has a great voice and best of all he sings with his heart !!! He has a good following and I hope he gets all that he deserves !! i have so enjoyed him o the voice 

Donna Clark Means I hope Blake helps him he deserves to be on the radio

Erin McCarthy Did anyone notice that there wasn't anyone from his team in the top 4. They were Blake's, Kelly's and JHud, love  Kirk Jay peformances

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