The Voice Live Cross Battles: Kim Cherry vs Betsy Ade Sing You Ought to Know

Kim Cherry (Team Blake) Poison vs. Betsy Ade (Team Kelly) You Ought to Know

Tonight, The Voice will begin a new twist called the Live Cross Battles. For the first time in Voice history, the coaches – Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton – go head-to-head, each selecting one artist from their team to compete against an artist from an opposing team in a Live Cross Battle performance. 

Kim is up first singing Poison.  This was a good high-energy first pick, hard song to sing.  She’s going to need to step it up a bit to beat Betsy.  She is talking rather than singing, but good with rhythm.  Rap ends with a chuckle.  She goes into singing for the end, and hits a few wailing notes.  Big note at the end.  All four judges on their feet, audience loved it.

Betsy takes the stage with You Ought to Know.  Man, this song is hard too.  Her lower register isn’t very good to start.  Not sure this was a good song choice.  She wails and belts in the chorus, but she sounds off key or something, not sure but something doesn’t sound right.  Throws her jacket into the audience.  Stronger ending.  Kelly and John on their feet.

I think Kim won that personally, Betsy was a little off.  Blake says what a great way to kick off the cross battles, we’ve never had anybody like Kim on the show before.  Vote for Kim!  Kelly tells Betsy she’s obssessed with her, she’s so captivated.  The two of them stand out from the norm.  Adam compliments Betsy for taking her jacket off,  Betsy really killed it.  He’s giving it to Betsy. John says what a way to start the show, with energy and passion.  They set the night off right.  There may be a steal in somebody’s future.

Voting opens at the end of the show, go pick and the winner of this battle!

Adam picks an artist after a 60 second break!

Any of these coaches could see their whole team almost wiped out during these battles.  Who is Adam going to pick for his first battle?  Adam picks Mari for his first artist to battle.  Adam chooses to challenge Team Blake!  Blake is putting up another contestant already?  Wow…  Blake chooses Selkii.

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