Keren Montero Sings Resuce on America’s Got Talent 2023

It’s rare that a singer can make you believe what they are singing. AND, that SHE is singing it to the one who really needs to know how much she cares about them. I was in tears because of her emotional purity & truly gifted vocals. She quietly said & loudly proclaimed that SHE would rescue us…and we believed her. Touching. Beautiful. Soulful. A blessing to behold. 

Keren Montero is a talented singer who recently appeared on America’s Got Talent. She wowed the judges and the audience with her powerful voice and emotional performance.

As Keren took the stage, she appeared nervous but determined. The judges asked her about herself and she shared that she came from a family of singers and had been singing since she was a child. She then launched into a rendition of “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston, one of the most iconic songs of all time.

From the moment she began to sing, it was clear that Keren had an incredible voice. Her tone was rich and soulful, and she hit every note with ease. As she progressed through the song, her confidence grew and she began to show off her range, hitting high notes that left the judges and audience in awe.

Watch Keren Montero America’s Got Talent performance.

I really started crying once the video started, she comes from a very poor area of our country, I remember her story when she was on DGT, and seeing her achieve being on one of the biggest television show on the planet, felt like I was there myself. I know this little girl, who is too humble, came to this world to break barriers and conquer horizons

What really set Keren’s performance apart, however, was the emotion that she brought to the song. As she sang, it was clear that she was pouring her heart and soul into the music. Tears streamed down her face, and the intensity of her performance left many in the audience moved to tears as well.

When Keren finished singing, the judges were quick to praise her. They lauded her talent and praised her emotional performance, calling it one of the best they had ever seen on the show. Simon Cowell, one of the notoriously tough judges, said that Keren had “made the hairs on the back of his neck stand up.”

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