Kenzie Wheeler Performs The Keeper of the Stars

Kenzie Wheeler Performs The Keeper of the Stars

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The Voice 20 Top 5 perform for your votes on Monday’s final performance show. For the performance round, each of the five singers will perform two covers, a ballad that will be a special dedication and an up-tempo cover.

Kenzie Wheeler performs The Keeper of the Stars The Voice 20 Top 5 Finale

Kenzie dedicates his song to Dover, FL, the town that raised him. He’s 7th generation. Hoo boy. At one point, Kenzie chokes up talking about his family and his friends. I’m not sure Kenzie is helping himself by sticking to old fashioned country songs. He needs to mix it up a little. His song choices tonight are predictable. But maybe country fans are going crazy for this? I’ll reiterate that Kenzie is an excellent country vocalist. Nick calls Kenzie “fun to watch.” adding “I think you made a lot of people proud in Florida.” Kelly calls his talent effortless, and that he’s not totally aware of his own talent. She once again begs America to vote for him.

During a chat with host Carson Daly and Kelly, let’s review when Kelly blocked Blake from turning for Kenzie. She swears she feels bad about it. Kenzie promises during his mentor session with Kelly that he might bust out a move. Oh boy. Kenzie’s upbeat choice is just another “REAL AMURICANS ARE FROM THE HEARTLAND.” What Kenzie has going for him–his voice sounds like it belongs on the radio. He walks around the stage while he sings, but does not bust out any moves. But the stage full of cowboy hat wearing dancers took care of that. Blake mentions that the song is from a movie. Kelly calls him “amazing” and “I think you’re so fantastic. She begs America to vote for Kenzie.

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Avery Roberson performs Chris Young’s “Tomorrow” against Kenzie Wheeler singing Luke Combs’ “Beer Never Broke My Heart”


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