Kennedy Holmes Love Is Free Lyrics – The Voice Finale

Kennedy Holmes Love Is Free Lyrics

This is an international inspiring star, poised and professional, she is amazing and should win, country is country, but thats all it is ,this young woman can sing anything and she just turned 14, what a future.

Team JHUD's Kennedy Holmes performs her original song "Love Is Free" on The Voice Live Finale

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Kennedy Holmes and her coach, Jennifer Hudson, perform "Home" on The Voice Live Finale

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Team JHUD's Kennedy Holmes performs "Confident" on The Voice Live Finale

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Viewer reactions:

Tera Lynn I'm a fan of Kennedy however, I did not like her original song. her voice is amazing but I truly believe Chevel is going to win this competition

Sean Dobson Ok I’m gonna be “that guy” here. This girl has a beautiful voice but she is just more of the same. The beat they have this put to is Big Pun’s I Don’t Wanna Be A Player! Originality is just nonexistent in this generation of music.

Daleann Bass I was looking for more,she has such a great voice and so much range this song did not do her justice

Michael Brewer Guys come on. We knew she was going to win. HELLO. She has the IT factor. She can sing, dance, she is young, beautiful, and overall extremely talented. She deserved this. She really did. All the haters on here just need to go on this show and let me know when they make it to the lives.

Sharron Little Burnett There is so much talent in this finale that I don't know how to vote. Kennedy is a born star. Kirk is definitely going to make it big in country. Chevelle is adorable and has a powerful voice. Chris is so differnt and professional. My favorites are Kirk and Kennedy, but I won't be sad if any of the other win.

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