Kennedy Holmes How Do I Live | She Advanced to the Voice Top 4

Kennedy Holmes Sings “How Do I Live” – The Voice Top 8

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Kennedy Holmes How Do I Live

Tonight 3 singers advance straight to next week’s finale. 2 singers will be eliminated. And then the 4th, 5th, and 6th place finishers will compete for the 4th spot via the Instant Save.

The moments that stand out for Kennedy Holmes was singing a Whitney Houston song and also getting to dance and sing on the stage. Being on The Voice has taught Chris Kroeze to be more of an extrovert on stage. The third finalist is…Chris Kroeze. Whoooo boy. I had a feeling Chris could be a spoiler. Dang Blake and his white southern boys. They barely have to lift a finger.

Kennedy Holmes Sings "How Do I Live" for her The Voice top 8 elimination tonight

How Do I Live by LeAnn Rimes – Well she’s mostly in tune! Her head voice is a little wonky tonight. Personally, I think it’s a tough race between Kennedy and MaKenzie.

I’d give the edge to the latter. But I suspect Kennedy has got this. “You are amazing…please vote for this young lady, she’s going to be a major star.”  SEE. That’s what you do when two team members are vying for one spot. Y’all know she probably really wants Kennedy in the final.

Kennedy Holmes Sings This is Me by Keala Settle for her The Voice Top 8 live performance tonight

This is Me by Keala Settle (Greatest Showman) – Oh. They’re at the First Baptist Church of Los Angeles. Jennifer gave the song to Kennedy because it’s a great transition song for a young person. Kennedy breaks down during rehearsal. It’s a little overwhelming for Kennedy at times. The young singer is turning 14 this week. Oh man. I’ve kinda had it with this song on singing shows. But as song picks go, it’s a good one for Kennedy. It’s a song she can relate to, even at her young age. She has such an incredible tone, this girl. In a couple of years, she’s going to be an incredible artist. Oh. The kids in the pit changed into white shirts for a black light effect. Carson wants to know how that happened. Jennifer is so proud of Kennedy. “I feel you can truly relate to this song…and be who you are.” 

Kennedy Holmes Sings This is Me: ITunes Download

Kennedy Holmes Sings Me Too by Meghan Trainor for her The Voice Top 10 performance tonight

Jennifer picked the song for Kennedy to show her youthful side and ability to perform. The young singer is a dancer and performs musical theater back home. Jennifer wants her to throw her poise “right out of the window” this week. Jhud gives her “permission” to have fun this week. This performance may not go over as well as a big old fashioned ballad. But I for one am glad the young singer is acting her age for once.

Kennedy Holmes Sings Me Too by Meghan Trainor: ITunes Download

Kennedy Holmes Sings Greatest Love of All by George Benson for her The Voice  Top 11 live performance in front of audiences and the Judges

Kennedy Holmes – Team Jennifer Hudson – Greatest Love Of All – ITunes Download

Kennedy Holmes Performs "Wind Beneath My Wings" – The Voice 2018 Live Top 13 Performances

Kennedy Holmes Sings Wind Beneath My Wings by Bette Midler:  ITunes Download

What a voice. Kennedy’s tone is PERFECTION. But at 13, she’s not quite able to deliver a song from deep in her soul. It’s a thing that comes with age. In a few years, she’s going to be powerhouse. Right now, Kennedy is a diamond in the rough. 

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Coaches have paired up the remaining 32 team members who will each perform songs of their own choosing. The coach chooses the winner, who advances to the Live Playoffs. The loser is eliminated OR can be stolen by a fellow coach. As far as the other coaches are concerned:  Adam has used his Steal and his Save, Kelly and Blake have a Save remaining, and  Jennifer still has a Steal.  There are 12 more performances to go. Nine of those singers will advance to next week’s Playoffs. 

Viewer reactions:

Debra Mathews Farmer Very frustrated with what Adam did last night. DeAndre sang his heart out and Adam threw him under the bus in my opinion. Regan was supposed to be under the weather but she sure could show up in the front row of the audience with her mother. She did a lousy job the night before and should have gone home NOT DeAndre. Thank you Kelly for stepping up for DeAndre.

Sherry Long Kessel Adam didn't deserve the kind words DeAndre had for him when Carson asked him if there was anything he'd like to say to his coach. DeAndre showed grace and class after Adam humiliated him. How many of us would have reacted the same way?

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