Happy 1st Birthday Kendi

Happy 1st Birthday Kendi! Here's a look back to Kendi's amazing entrance into the world! Black rhinos are critically endangered with fewer than 5,000 in the world, and approximately 60 are managed by the SSP in North American Zoos, so every calf born is incredibly important.

Black Rhino Birth

Kendi is a baby black rhino born at the Cincinnati Zoo.

Kendi the baby black rhino

Black Rhino Calf Kendi 1st Time in Mud Wallow 

Black Rhino Calf Kendi Sparring with Mom (one week old) 

Black rhino calf Kendi turns 4 months old

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Viewers reactions:

William Harradine Happy Birthday Kendi. I was so thrilled seeing when I visited Cindy Zoo from Australia earlier this year.

Jeannie Dyke Gomez I had never seen this and am so thankful you showed us today. So adorable. I never saw a Rhino's birth.

Ali Rustici Bijelic Happy Birthday sweet baby Kendi from one of your biggest little fans, Gabby! We’ll come and visit you Friday to tell you in person!

Julie Vogt-beason Happy birthday handsome!!!! God's gift to be treasured. Hope you are all having a party for him?

Denise Stahley Happy happy birthday to you Kendi I seen you Sunday I swear you knew I was there and you looked at me

Joyce Jacobs Thomas Happy 1st, Kendi! Sure your caregivers have a special surprise for you today!

Robin Henselin McReynolds Happy 1st Birthday Kendi! Congratulations! It’s hard to believe it could be a year already!

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