Kendi the Rhino at Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden 2019

Kendi the Rhino at Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden

Kendi's horns are almost as big as his Mom's! Intended for protection, the rhino's horns may actually lead to their demise. Rhino horns are sought after by poachers to sell for their use in traditional medicine. Some cultures also use black rhino horn to fashion high-status dagger handles.



Kendi giving his Mom some attitude! Not sure that's a smart move Kendi!

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Attitude is sometimes just a way to say Hey I love you but got to be me. Besides mom's know that.What the old saying "i brought you in to this world, I'll take you out of it too"  I'm sure he will back down soon enough. I know I would if I was hem. It's a DON"T mess with Mama situation. .

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