Kendi is 8-Months-Old Today Cincinnati Zoo

Kendi the black rhino calf eats woody plants, herbs, and fruits!

kendi the black rhino 

Kendi is 8-months-old today. He sure has grown a lot in that time. Rhino calves stay with their mother for about two to three years. Male calves tend to leave their mother sooner than females.

kendi the hippo live

Kendi kisses. Black rhinos are critically endangered and need our love.

kendi the rhino live

Kendi loving his mud wallow! – Cincinnati Zoo

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Viewers reacted:

Minnetta Richardson A mama's boy! Happy 8th month!

Judith Rought OMG!! Look how much he has grown. Wow!!

Jane Elizabeth … do rhino dams start behaving differently when it’s time to separate?

Betty Aletky

Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden, you are amazing. So many people have fallen in love with our amazing zoo babies and families. Thank you for sharing the love and making us all proud. You help us to have hope and joy and excitement for whatever comes next.


Beth Porter Guessing it wouldn't be allowed – or wise – but can't help wondering how Kendi and Fiona would play together! Both such cutie-pies.

Stonehedge Farm I read an article that the tusks on elephants and the horns on rhinos in the wild were being died colors to discourage poaching

Janet Huston How sweet! The ‘prehistoric-ish-ness’ of the rhinoceros fascinates me for some reason. Thank you for all you are doing to save this amazing animal from extinction.

Witchhazel Hortense Thank you Kendi for being a ambassador for your species, may there be a turn around as the world realizes we should not make you extinct!

Patti Faucheaux I believe many endangered animals will not survive outside of captivity. It's a dangerous world out there.

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