"Location" | Kayslin Victoria and Oliv Blu | The Voice Battles 2019

Kayslin Victoria and Oliv Blu Sing LOCATION- The Voice Battles 2019

Kayslin Victoria and Oliv Blu

She’s a normal High School kid who sings for fun and in choir.  She volunteers at a horse farm, only 16.  She’s ready to work for this.  Oliv was a one chair turn.  She has a twins sister who sings back up for her band.  Their band plays around Chicago, she loves jazz.  They both freak out when they see Khalid.  

No pressure giving them a Khalid song and having them sing it in front of him.  John says Kayslin has power and she is clear as a bell, very confident.  Oliv has a super cool vibe, this song is right in her wheelhouse as a song stylist.  Khalid vibes along to the song as the ladies rehearse.  Khalid says Kayslin is radio ready, and Oliv is reinventing something that needs to be relevant right now.  It’s a clear stylistic difference.  John wants to see who is the most compelling.

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