The Voice 2018 Katrina Cain Blind Auditions Performance

Katrina Cain Wows Blake with Fleetwood Mac’s “Rhiannon” Cover – The Voice 2018 Blind Auditions

Katrina Cain Blind Auditions

 29 – Denton TX – Rhiannon – by Fleetwood Mac – She’s worked at music her whole life and has never taken a “big shot” until now. She got married a few days before her audition! She cancelled her honeymoon for the audition. LA is their honeymoon. She didn’t start playing shows until she met her musician husband. They have a band together. She writes and sings radio jingles on the side. She typically does electro pop. So she’s adding some of those elements to this 70’s classic. Hm. Making the best of a song the show prolly forced her to do (that happens a lot). She has a very nice tone, though–sweet and crystalline. Her intonation and pitch are also impressive. Jennifer and Blake both hit their buttons. Adam says she should have been a four chair turn. Kelly keeps hitting her button. She’s sad her team is full. Blake calls it a “mysterious” version of the song. Jennifer says she’s versatile. Blake is not–but he still wins with contestants across the board. Jennifer about gives up right there. And Katrina Chooses Blake. 

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