Katie Kadan The Voice Blind Audition, Sings Baby I Love You

All Katie Kadan The Voice Season 17 Performances, Results

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Katie Kadan The Voice

She is the most magical mystical beautiful voice on the planet we see people comparing her to people like Aretha Franklin and all the others that they compare her to….. but she is her own there is no one like her , she is  better than all of them…. she quite possibly the best female voice to ever hit this fuckinh planet

Katie Kadan – Team John Legend – All Better by Katie Kadan (written by Andrew Wells, Katie Pearlman & Audra Mae Butts ) – Katie is excited to be recording at Capitol studios. The songwriters have worked for Kelly and Christina Aguilera in the past. Katie says The Voice experience has given her “more confidence.”  This song is a good fit for Katie. It’s the best original song so far, by SEVERAL MILES. Katie is delivering a fierce, sexy, gutsy performance. It’s one of her best of the season. Kelly says, “OMG, you better go with that sexy vibe!” John says, “You sell that song so beautifully…you are all better!”  

Katie Kadan & John Legend performs Merry Christmas Baby


Katie Kadan – Team John Legend – All Better by Katie Kadan (written by Andrew Wells, Katie Pearlman & Audra Mae Butts ) – STREAM

Katie Kadan– Team John Legend – I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing by Aerosmith (!!!) – STREAM

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Merry Christmas Baby by Otis Redding  – I didn’t know what to expect from a duet between these two. Their musical styles are very different. But this is pretty great! John steps aside, allowing Katie to do her thing. They do a fun little dance during the instrumental break –  John performed the song on tour last year.

Katie Kadan – Team John Legend – Rolling in the Deep by Adele – “Music is the life blood of any place I live,” John tells his team as they sit around his living room. His first job in a music store. After college, he worked as a management consultant. Katie worked as a telemarketer. John feels this is her moment, and she’s seizing it. Katie becomes emotional about how bad she felt about herself at one time. But now she feels, “I can be me.” I was so sick of this song at one time. “Rolling in the Deep” has been sung to death on singing shows. This is a solid rendition, albeit too growly for my tastes. However, can’t deny that Katie gets up there and does her own thing without holding back. Blake started creating conspiracy theories in his head, “She can’t be that good! This is a set up deal!” Kelly says, “You are so unique. You light a fire, you make everyone happy.” She loves the growl. John’s visiting family only wanted to meet Katie! At Target in Palm Springs, a lady approached him about….Katie


Katie Kadan sings Without You  for her The Voice Top 11 performance tonight on NBC

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Katie Kadan – Team John Legend – I’m Going Down by Mary J. Blige – She’s had her ups and downs in dating, and is blessed to have single girlfriends. She dedicates the song to them. John loves the combo of fire and vulnerability. John is working wonders with Katie. She’s less strident and growly than the beginning. Finally, in these last two weeks, I am enjoying her performances. She pushed it too hard at a couple of points, but she’s able to deliver power along with pain and vulnerability. Not an easy thing! John is on his feet, screaming for Katie. “That felt like the finale for a minute,” says Carson. Kelly says she lost her mic pac. John calls it “the best performance this season.” Carson says if Jhud was in the house, she’d be throwing some shoes.  – STREAM

Max Boyle performs “when the party’s over” and Katie Kadan sings “Piece of My Heart” during The Voice The Knockouts Premiere.

Destiny Rayne Battles Katie Kadan, performing “Tiny Dancer” during The Voice The Battles

Destiny Rayne vs Katie Kadan – Team Legend – Tiny Dancer by Elton John – Welp. Teasers have already spoiled a steal, so… Katie admits  a crush on Usher as a teen. “I came to coach winners but I’m happy I’m working with legends,” Usher quips. Blake blocked Kelly during Katie’s blind. Destiny works two jobs in Nashville is newly engaged. John is surprised by her ability to belt. Usher is also impressed by her ability to go there.

But Katie has a huge voice, he acknowledges. This is kind of a weird song choice for both. Probably why both struggle a little in rehearsal. Usher is expecting a moment. During the stage rehearsal, John is pumping his fist. This is another odd match up. Destiny sings pop, while Katie belts blues. Both are doing their best to come together there. But. Nope. Katie’s voice is too bellowy for my taste. Destiny reaches for notes that are just a bit beyond her. Both will probably do better with songs that suit them. Gwen felt Destiny held her own against the big voiced Katie. Kelly felt both singers made room for each other. Blake also compliments Destiny for rising to the occasion. John Picks KatieBlake steals Destiny. At the last minute, so of course, right on cue and most annoyingly, Gwen Steals Destiny too. “This is going to be so fun!” says Kelly. No. No it’s not. Blah blah blah blah blah blah, Destiny Picks Gwen. Hm. I would have gone with Blake. His track record is so much better. 

See who wins this 4-CHAIR TURN on The Voice premiere, Monday 8/7c on NBC.

What soulful voice! I the lower registry!!!! A lot of range and depth!!!!! I hope this is a prelude to what elelse is coming down the pipeline


Katie Kadan performs “Baby I Love You” during The Voice Blind Auditions.

Coaches Kelly Clarkson, Gwen Stefani, John Legend and Blake Shelton share a preview of the new season of The Voice.

The coaches are ready for the new season of The Voice. Are you?

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