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Kat Hammock Sings Danny Boy (Traditional) – The Voice Top 13

Kat Hammock – Team Blake Shelton – Danny Boy (Traditional) – Kat made her first trip to Nashville this week. Her grandfather used to sing the song in Gaelic. He passed away a few years ago–she lost all of her grandparents within a few years. Blake gives her good advice–back off on those vocal bends. Yes. Still, SHE SINGS TOO DANG SLOW and has a tendency to go off pitch when she holds those notes. Yikes. That was a super-pitchy performance. She’s an interesting stylist, but needs to work on her vocals. Gwen thinks she’s get a record deal after the show, calling her “magical.” Blake is so proud of her, calling her one of the most important artists he’s ever worked with on the show. WTF. I don’t get it. She’s an underbaked teen. –  STREAM

Kat Hammock – Kiss Me by Sixpence None the Richer – She’s the youngest of five kids. Her song pick is mom’s favorite. The 18 year old wants to make her mom proud. Taylor doesn’t think she sounds like anybody. I think she sounds just like the record? Hm. Taylor gives her stage tips about getting up from the piano. Kat’s rendition is very similar to the original, only leaden. I don’t like this song pick for her. Eventually she’s on her feet singing, and she brings more energy.

Lauren Hall – Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson – Blake stole Lauren from Kelly. She picked the song because it tells her story. Blake thinks she’s brave. Lauren is having some breath problems she needs to work on. Blake says Lauren picked the song to “shove it in her face.” Once again, Lauren an experienced singer is up against a kiddo. I don’t love this song choice. It takes her a bit to find her groove.

This song is hard to sing! And she seems nervous? Not my favorite performance from her. But she’s good. I hope Blake picks her. John notes Lauren’s courage. He loves her high notes. He calls Kat a “revelation.” He’d pick her. Gwen agrees with John. She calls Kat an “Angel” and one of her favorites. “You sing that better than I do,” Kelly says. “But I wanted to hear more of you.” He actually notes that her voice is similar to the original, but did a good job. Blake Picks Kat. Lauren is Eliminated. Lauren could have picked a better song. But the fix was probably in anyway. He LOVES Kat. She calls singing the song for Kelly one of the best moments of her life.

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