Karli Ryan Sings “Give Me Back My Heart” – American Idol Auditions 2019

Karli Ryan American Idol 

American idol season 2 return tonight on ABC with 12 contestants 

Karli Ryan , 17 year old student from Milton, FL. Her mother auditioned for American Idol 15 years ago! That would be 2004 or season 3? Willett is her legal last name. She goes by Ryan on stage.

What song she will be singing tonight"

Karli sang an original “Give Me Back My Heart” and “What’s Love Got To Do With It?” by Tina Turner.


Give Me Back My Heart (Original Song) –  Karli’s mom, who is with her in the holding room, auditioned for American Idol 15 years ago. She didn’t make it to the judges. “I was so nervous when I did this,” she says. Karli sings her original at the piano. Her tone is beautiful. Very pretty. Nice subtle phrasing too. Her songwriting skills are solid. “I really love you voice,” says Luke. He calls it “understated.” Katy says she needs a few more “gears.” Eh. Lionel is also unsure.  Luke is a big believer in her. Katy thinks she could turn into a star. But she’s not ready. Aw. Lionel also says no. OK I disagree with this decision. The panel has allowed lesser talents through. – Luke – yes Katy and Lionel – No

Karli Ryan – Kissing Frogs – LIVE performance

Piece by piece // Kelly Clarkson cover by Karli Willett

Wildflower by Karli Ryan

Is she going to American idol 2019 Hollywood Week Contestants List

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