“Riding with the King" | Kanard Thomas The Voice 2019 Performance

Kanard Thomas Gets Bluesy with “Riding with the King” – The Voice Blind Auditions 2019

Kanard Thomas The Voice 

His son is his everything and he wants his son to look up to him.  He grew up without his Mother and Father he was raised by his Aunt in a household of 8+ children.  His Aunt instilled in him to not be a product of his environment and to not give up.  He had his son at 19, and he had to become an adult.  He works in a band on a Holland American cruise ship, to do what it takes to support his family.  He is singing with flashing lights behind him, good voice, but nothing exciting really so far, kind of boring.  Smooth voice with a few falsetto notes.  No chair turn again, a lot of those tonight.  I’m not surprised it wasn’t anything exciting.  Blake says he’s a good singer he was looking for more edge/desperation in the performance, too laid back.  Kelly tells him it was too controlled.  John says he wanted some flair, something transcendent.  Adam says he needed some urgency.  No chairs.  The good news for Kanard is that he is  the third comeback artist chosen by Bebe Rexha! He sounds much better in this clip then he did in his audition.

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