Kalvin Jarvis Sings “A Good Night” – The Voice The Voice Blind Auditions 2019

 Kalvin Jarvis The Voice

The Voice Season 16, episode 6 airs Monday, March 18 as the final round of Blind Audition 2019 contestants take the stage in hopes of securing one of the nine remaining spots on a team. 

The Voice will run a special two-hour show on Wednesday, highlighting the best moments from the 2019 Blind Auditions. The show will then return Monday, March 25 for the start of the Battle Rounds.

 Kalvin Jarvis The Voice

Kalvin Jarvis performs "A Good Night" in The Voice Blind Auditions.

He’s an Assistant Manager at a breakfast restaurant.  He’s been there for 11 years, his Mom is his boss.  He has to balance a full-time job and music.  His Dad was a rapper, MC Scrap Boy, who was passionate about music.  His Dad started getting into drugs when he was in 6th grade, and they lost everything.  

He could get lost in singing.  His Dad cleaned his life up.  He’s singing a John Legend song to John Legend, and he’s terrified.  John’s dancing along to him.  Adam turns pretty fast.  Kalvin is wearing a white jacket and doing some runs, very energetic performance.  Kelly turns.  Her really gets into the runs, too many for my taste but Adam and Kelly like it.  John says excellent song choice.  Kelly says you’re so good, runs flowed, lows were really good.

 John tells him you performed my song, you did a fantastic job.  Adam says you’re ridiculous.  When Kalvin says he manages a restaurant, Kelly says I love food!  She didn’t give much of a pitch.  Blake teases John about not turning for his own song.  Kalvin picks Team Adam!  Not super surprising given his style.  Adam says the song choice was bold.

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