Kalvin Jarvis Sings New Rules | Kalvin Jarvis Cross Battle 2019

Kalvin Jarvis: “New Rules” – The Voice Cross Battles 2019

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Kalvin Jarvis Cross Battle

Kalvin is up first with New Rules.  This is pretty good, he sounds a little nervous.  He has such a smooth R&B voice, this isn’t energetic but it’s very passionate.  He breaks into runs, and then talks through the rhythmic part of the song.  Kind of a weird ending but solid performance.

Julian takes the stage singing Hello.  Oh, an Adele song is risky.  This could be really good, or really bad.  He starts off with runs and singing in Spanish, he has too much vibrato for my taste.  Back to English for the chorus, very strong belting, still hard to do an Adele song. He hits some big falsetto notes, and then falls a little flat.  He’s overdoing the runs a bit, and is going off pitch.  Brings it home at the end, but the middle of that was a mess.  Adam tells Kalvin he went to frontrunner status, he was unreal.  He has poise, turned it on its end, brand new.  John says he’s happy to have Julian on his team, he made outstanding choices.  Kelly thinks there are great singers in this building.  It will come down to song interpretation and selection, Kalvin won that a bit.  Blake thought Julian went for more then Kalvin did, he swung for the fence.  But Kalvin took that.  (I agree with the coaches Kalvin won that, Julian was a mess).

It’s Blake’s turn to choose an artist.  Blake chooses Carter Lloyd Horne and challenges John Legend. (Adam was actually begging Blake not to pick him this time.  haha).  John picks Jacob Maxwell.

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