Kaleb Lee Die a Happy Man: He Advances to the Top 12 on " The Voice"

The Voice 2018 Kaleb Lee – Live Playoffs “Die a Happy Man”

Kaleb Lee Die a Happy Man

Die a Happy Man by Thomas Rhett – Well. This is pleasant? It’s a sweet, plaintive cover, but Kaleb doesn’t manage to put his own spin on the song. He sings with a pleasing rasp. Kelly’s up on her feet. “I love my team!” She begs America to vote, calling Kaleb the best country singer on the show. 

Kaleb Lee sings Die a Happy Man for his The Voice 2018 playoffs tonight

The Voice 2018 Kaleb Lee – Live Playoffs: "You Don't Even Know Who I Am"

Kaleb Lee sings Kenny Chesney's "Never Wanted Nothing More" during his blind audition.

The Voice 2018 Knockout – Kaleb Lee: "Free"

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Viewers reacted to Kaleb Lee Die a Happy Man:

Sherry Wills Baxter Can’t Believe Blake didn’t pick Wilkes . So sad to see all that talent leaving the show today! But Gods got plans for that young man!

Michelle Ercolini Voice producers and NBC….if a survey of fans was done tonight…..we would call for the firing of whomever created this new format……please do not do this to us, the contestants or the judges(coaches) again. Sincerely your fans

Valerie Rupe OK so BLAKE — it is admirable what you are trying to do for the second season in a row now, however there are pleanty of bold beautiful black women who can actually carry a tune. Spensia is beautiful and her personality makes a person want to hug her but she cannot sing.

Cathy Benson So no Reid, Drew or Wilkes lol. Pryor is very lucky, i cannot believe America saved him after 9-5….wow!! Love him but…..really bad song. Adam saved Jackie..i don't get it. At least Terrance is gone with his keyboard….and the winner of The Voice is still in it…Britton, the competition is over!!!

Ícaro Silva Wilkes didn't deserved to go home at all. He has the most retweets on the show's Twitter and made two killer performances, which should've made Blake chose him. This new format sucks and it turned out what could be a great top 12 in one of the worst top 12 of all time.

Lacie Jay Not at all happy with the people going through. Half of their performances were cringe worthy tonight and I just don't understand what the judges are hearing that I'm not. The only person left worth listening to is Christiana. Im very sad to see Wilkes leave.

Libby Harrell I don't think the judges could have heard what the "TV audience" heard tonight….not only did it seem that the entire show was RUSHED, to the point that I didn't even enjoy it, but it also seemed, from what I heard, that just about everybody was "off key"….I was really surprised with the results, ESPECIALLY the "saves"…..not happy…. but still love Kaleb Lee Die a Happy Man

Valerie Cameron Klaerner For the first time ever I am not going to watch to the end. I will keep up with it through social media, but I don't care for the singing styles of any of the remaining contestants. And the voting format stinks for the western time zones.

Carole Colestock-Day New format sucks! What are they doing with the best show on TV???? Like someone else said ..what are the judges hearing that I’m not! Why would you choose the same amount of singers from each team, when the talent is not evenly dispersed on each team…we can no longer choose the best of the best! So wrong!

Jennifer Cashman Rich Goes from 24 to 12 just like that- crazy!
Why such a drastic cut? No need to have a "stacked" team if you lose 50% of them. Too much talent gone. 
Also…why must all coaches have same number at this point?!? The votes should remain with the coaches in this case.

Karen Wiskin Ahearn I do not like the new format. This will probably be my last season to watch, everything was rushed too much and the viewers should be doing the judging. Also ear pieces seemed to be bothering all of them and affected their singing.love Kaleb Lee Die a Happy Man and Jackie

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