The Voice 2018 Kaleb Lee – Top 12: “Amazed”

Kaleb Lee Amazed

Kaleb Lee sings Lonestar's "Amazed" during the live top 12 performances.

Viewers reacted to Kaleb Lee Amazed

Michelle Casey Fritter The problem is they sent so many good ones home that Kaleb is probably the one to win. The rest of the contestants are good but it's the worst season of the voice just because they sent so may good ones home. I like kaleb performance. I hope he wins

Don Williams He was flat on half the notes, and at times completely missed the melody…

Alane Smith Kravatz Amazed is one of my favorite slow songs
I love this song and I'm so sorry but I do not feel he did it justice. He looks like a really nice guy but this is about possessing a special voice one that rises above the rest

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