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Kai the Singer Sings Thinking Out Loud – American Idol 2019 Auditions

Kai the Singer American Idol 

Lost Without You by Freya Ridings – She’s the young vocalist who comes from near poverty. Her church helps her family out. She had never been on an escalator before, never mind the plane ride! This performance is much better than her audition. She’s better not playing an instrument–her pitch has improved so much. She still needs work, but there’s potential. Katy notes her nerves, “She needs confidence.” Poor Kai feels the weight of the world on her shoulders. “I need to do this for my church, my family.” 

American Idol season 17 will be start tonight on ACB with 12 contestant.

Kai the Singer American Idol tonight

Kai the Singer, 19, form Florien, LA, her family struggles financilly day to day back in Sourth Carolina. She sings two songs for her American Idol audition: “Thinking Out Loud” and also “My Girl” on the piano

Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran – Kai chokes up sharing her story. Her family was homeless for awhile. They struggled. Still are. There are 8 people living in her house. There is no furniture. 3 of her siblings sleep on an air mattress. She sleeps in a blanket on the floor. She’s tired of seeing her family struggle “If this could blow up, that would be nice.” So sad to see a young one thinking she’s got to be the family savior.

Her go at Thinking Out Loud is very off key. So bad, Luke tells her to stop strumming the guitar. It’s still bad. Lionel suggests taking a deep breath. AND HEY THIS STORY MERITS THE TWO PART TREATMENT. See you after the commercial break. She performs her second song, The Temptations “My Girl” at the piano and it’s better. She’s can sing–she has a pretty tone–but needs a ton of work on her pitch. Can she hear herself? Katy felt she evolved on the piano.

She changed the lyric “my girl” to “music.”  Her church paid her way to Idol. Katy is crying. She was poor as a kid too–her church paid for a guitar. The judges are so overwhelmed by her backstory, they can’t say no–even though it would be better for her to come back after more experience. 3 yeses

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Her occupation is factory worker and random fact has never been to a concert

KAI THE SINGER on American Idol This Sunday Night


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