JUSTICE Wtih Judge Jeanine Pirro June 8, 2019 Fox News Live

JUSTICE Wtih Judge Jeanine June 8, 2019

We are RESPECTED AGAIN on the world stage!

The Fake News Media is working overtime to damage me and our Make America Great Again agenda. That’s all they want to do – they don’t care about the TRUTH!

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Danny Tron The President is working trying to deliver on the promises he made to the people that elected him… he’s working. I appreciate his consistent efforts and periodic successes. I imagine what could be done if we had a Congress that really cared about the people

Angelo Cedrone This is a huge win for America and Mexico!! Someone tell Nancy that house Democrats should actually do something, instead of shitting on Trump for actually trying to better the country.

Jonathan Ciawy Tay Seriously? So bitter that she can’t even give credit for a success? By all means, criticize when Trump fails at something, but when he succeeds for the good of the country, give credit. That’s just good faith politics. But clearly the Democrats haven’t been showing good faith in anything.

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