Justice With Judge Jeanine Pirro - Fox News - April 7, 2018

Justice With Judge Jeanine – Fox News – April 7, 2018

"It's time for Republicans to stop fighting with each other and start supporting the president." 


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Peter Bonifacio Judge Pirro is absolutely right.The republicans have the power of the congress and not only they are unable to pass any law but they getting outsmarted by the democrats. The president alone has accomplished in one year what they haven't done in years. It is time that they man up and help the president to do his job rather than going on recess every time.

Rodney Strong You Democratic Socialist , have nothing on the President. But just keep going on with the lies. Your doing a true favor to America. Waking the silent majority! 
Every Country is watching for your destruction.

Dan Dopslaf Judge, they are against Trump because they are owned by the chamber of Commerce. That is why they don't want border enforcement. Trump is the rain on their parade

Steve Clapick Anyone who watches this witch needs to get their head examined. I think all the hair dye she uses has gone to her brain…As long as FOX gives her and that POS Hannity a platform they will never be taken seriously…

Paul R Valese I think I'm in love… she's so spot on … about time…call out the fake conservatives.. Rino's have to go..drain the swamp and bring our government back to following the Constitution!!!

Terri Mcneil Lumpkin Too many peoples ego won’t let them get along with anyone. 
Therefore same actions. Same bs. 
I will support the president regardless of whom that may be. 
Because I was taught morals, manners,respect. Most of all. ACTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES. 

Jay Xiaodi Barnette They do it because they too are corrupt or blackmailed, remember obama weaponized gov agencies, all in congress and fbi leaders need to be investigated for corruption, and blackmail

James Stewart It's time for all of them to start supporting and defending the Constitution, actually. Because there is far too little of that happening from both sides. And the Representatives and Senators are SUPPOSED to be doing what the constituents of their home state WANT them to do, not blindly and categorically supporting or opposing ideas based on who generated them–an idea should be supported or opposed based on its merits and faults.

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