Justice With Judge Jeanine on April 4, 2020

China has to be made accountable for at the very least its complete lack of transparency. China could have prevented a great deal of pain and loss, both physical and economic, had they been honest

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Watters’ World on April 4, 2020

President Trump and the Coronavirus Task Force provide updates on the pandemic

Viewer reaction:

Kevin Flynn All you Anti Trump advocates say is HE is to blame for failure to act in a timely manner. Well, I guess all the deaths all over the world fall on him as well. The federal government isn’t to blame for the failures of states that were or are completely unprepared. This pandemic was dropped in our laps long before we were aware it even existed. After it was finally announced it was already running full speed. Yes China IS to blame. Yes, it exploded into a world wide pandemic that our country couldn’t keep up with. Without the actions of the President it would be even worse. Thank God for his response. When something even bigger hits, you’d better pray he’s still POTUS. If you don’t like FOX don’t watch. All MSM is biased one way or another!

Loretta Sicilia Instead they tried to deny it, cover it up. That doctor that died was a hero for leaking the information out to the world. He will forever be a hero in my heart.

Denise Dozier Melton Each Governor is supposed to keep ample stock of medical emergency supplies. They ask for and get Federal Grants to do so. That is why states have the right to govern their own state without Federal interference in most matters. Some Govenors did not prepare and who could prepare for something like this to be honest. China lied and could have prevented much of this if they had been transparent from the beginning. While Trump was trying to close the borders to China he was called racist. While China was lying about their numbers infected Italy was dying. We had to gauge the possible outcome on China’s lies. No one thought anything like this could happen. The blame starts with China and ends with China. Our president and those working with him are doing the very best job they can do.

J.m. Hennessey Trump claimed a study suggested that people with lupus were not as affected by coronavirus—presumably because they commonly use the drug hydroxychloroquine. The lupus foundation stated that lupus patients are MORE susceptible to the virus. Some lupus patients are concerned about shortages now. How long before dr. bonespurs starts pushing the kool-aid?

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