Justice With Judge Jeanine on April 18, 2020

The United States would be in a much worse position to combat the coronavirus if President Donald J. Trump hadn’t implemented a series of reforms surrounding immigration, according to Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Mark Morgan.

President Donald J. Trump on Saturday cited “positive signs” in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, claiming that he inherited “broken junk” from the prior administration but has since turned the U.S. into the “king of ventilators.”

Viewer reaction:

Mary Sheppard President Trump I can see how tired you are. I can understand the disappointment you must feel that in all the extra outstanding and excellent work you and your team do, it is never enough for the wah wah Democraps. For the millions of us who love and respect you, President Trump, and will vote you back in for 4 more, we salute you and thank you for everything you do and have done for our beloved America and for making our lives better here than they’ve been for many years. God Bless You, sir.

Sam Corriveau He disbanded Obama’s pandemic response team in 2018. There was a response team for this exact situation. What did your administration do in February Mr President? Nothing.

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