Justice With Judge Jeanine October 27 2018: Interview Eric Trump Kellyan

Justice With Judge Jeanine October 27, 2018 – Fox News Today

Justice With Judge Jeanine October 27 2018

A gunman stormed into the Tree of Life synagogue and opened fire, killing 11 people; reaction from President Trump's son Eric Trump, executive vice president of the Trump Organization.


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Trump: This wicked act of mass murder is pure evil

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Viewer reactions:

Syl Barrett Enough of you twits blaming Trump! These wackos have problems.. was Obama blamed for all the school shootings? Gtfoh VOTE RED TO KEEP YOUR RIGHTS! If you hate America so much bc of our capitalism go live in some of the socialist countries. We don't want it here

William Calabrese It turns out the shooter that KILLED several people in Pittsburgh is an anti-Trump DEMOCRAT! Let that sink in for a minute. Let's see how the Leftist media spins and covers this shooting where people actually died in the hands of a DEMOCRAT. Got the popcorn ready!

Adam Girard The statement "Fox News is radicalizing domestic terrorists" is now factually correct. Both the bomber and the shooters social media feeds were full of Fox News Articles. If you throw gasoline in the fireplace and burn down a house you don't get to say "well the fire was already there" You made it worse. You helped make this happen with your anti immigration rhetoric.

Kyle G Bertoni

Democrats didn’t care when Madonna said she had thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House. Democrats didn’t care when Kathy Griffin posed with a mock severed head of President Trump. Democrats didn’t care when a Broadway Play depicted the assassination of President Trump. Democrats didn’t care when Johnny Depp said, “how long has been since an actor assassinated a President”. Democrats didn’t care when dozens of people were shot to death at a Jason Aldean concert. Democrats didn’t care when Congressman Steve Scalise was shot at a baseball game. Democrats didn’t care when Robert De Niro said “somebody needs to take out Trump”. Democrats didn’t care when Carole Cook said "Where's John Wilkes Booth when you need him?"

Democrats didn’t care when Republican candidate Rudy Peters was attacked by a man with a switchblade. Democrats didn’t care when a Republican Party Office was set on fire. Democrats didn’t care when Eric Holder said “When they go low, we kick ‘em”. Democrats didn’t care when Trump family members received suspicious packages in the mail. Democrats didn’t care when Secretary of Defense James Mattis received death threats. Democrats didn’t care when Maxine Waters said “you get up in their face at the mall, in restaurants, at gas stations and you tell them Republicans they’re not welcomed anywhere”.

Democrats didn’t care when Sarah Sanders and her family were harassed at a restaurant, instructed to leave and chased down the street. Democrats didn’t care when Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen was harassed and chased out of a Mexican restaurant. Democrats didn’t care when Trump adviser Stephen Miller’s life was threatened and he was chased out of a restaurant.

Democrats didn’t care when Attorney General Pam Bondi was harassed and chased out of a theatre. Democrats didn’t care when two Republican senators: Rob Portman of Ohio and John Boozman of Arkansas were harassed in their own yards and on their own doorsteps. Democrats didn’t care when a 71-year-old female staffer for California Rep. Dana Rohrbacher was knocked unconscious by an angry group of liberal protesters.

Democrats didn’t care when a North Carolina GOP office was firebombed by an angry mob of liberals. Democrats didn’t care when Hillary Clinton said “we can’t be civil to Republican until Democrats return to power”. 
For over two years Democrats have encouraged hate, harassment, vandalism, acts of violence and even threats of assassination.

Hypocrites the Democrats are. Vote red. love Justice With Judge Jeanine October 27 2018

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