Justice With Judge Jeanine November 3 2018 Fox News Live

"If you like the direction this country is on, put the pedal to the metal and get you and everyone you know out to vote. Vote for the America that is great again." 

Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway weighs in on President Trump's economic accomplishments. Trump 2020 senior adviser Lara Trump on her experiences campaigning across America.


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Trump hosts 'MAGA' rally in Florida

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Viewer reactions:

Cedric Quinn Donald Trump, his administration, his followers, and Fox News needs to repent and turn to Jesus!

The entire United States of American needs to repent and turn to Jesus!

Wanda Lemmons I just googled average income of American military. 43 thousand a year. Wow. That is shameful. They put their life on the line for us. America doesn’t pay our important people the pay they deserve. That includes police, firefighters, teachers. Yet politicians are getting rich. SMH

Debbie Baize Yep all the progress that has been made will be halted come Tuesday according to the polls come on people let's vote red so that doesn't happen

Donna Neff I voted straight red. Oh yeah Judge, I love the green top you're wearing, you look beautiful.


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