Justice With Judge Jeanine 5/4/19: Justice is Coming

Justice With Judge Jeanine May 4 2019

The left simply refuses to accept that the Mueller investigation is over and that justice is coming for them

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The democrats house of cards coming down. Way over due. At the rate their going they got a lick of a choice in 2020. Donald J. Trump has got this one. The democrat party and CNN & MSMBC & the rest of mainstream media giving our President the 2020. Let’s just paint this country RED from Coast to Coast 

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Barr and Trump have driven the Dems to playing with little plastic roosters and giggling at each other while shoving kfc yard bird down their gullets

First of all, mr. Nadler decided to try to change all the rules after the fact, the executive branch doesn't have to answer that shit oh, he told you guys everything you wanted to know, and you didn't agree with it and now you're going to make a stink, fuck the Democrats you want to know what the true obstruction is, is that Barr is already started an investigation into Hillary Clinton Obama and the fisa Scandal, which means if Congress tries to impeach Barr, then Congress would be guilty of obstruction of justice, that's what it boils down to

These panty wastes should put their panties on and go home with Holder? Their lying manipulation didn't work and now they are whining. Prosecute these lying, deceiving, libs involved to the very extent of the law

The Democrats keep backing up their Trump hating with the phrase the "American people" and using us as a shield the American people do not backup the Democratic Communist Party of the hate that's why they open the border so they can have supporters with their open free benefits with our tax money

These "House Democrats" should be arrested for blackmail. They've completely lost their minds because Karma's finally caught up with them. They haven't done a damned thing since they took back the House but lie, cheat & cause trouble. Meanwhile,Trump's busting his ass to bring our country around & making record-breaking accomplishments -all with no recognition from the lying, fake news liberal media. Then the libs gripe because he tweets too much? Get over it.

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