Justice With Judge Jeanine May 11, 2019

Start gearing up for 2020. We need a House of Representatives that represents the people in this great nation. Not the people who want to remake America and maintain their own power."

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Gobbi Hildebrant Great opening Judge…keep Americans aware of the truth… let the world know how corrupt the Democrats are…Vote Trump 2020… Drain the Swamp and jail all those creatures..time for real justice. Proud of our President, his hard work..achievements….. and proud to be an American

Bill Cashman We need to vote for people that will represent our needs not their needs. So let's vote out all Democrats and any Republican RINOS. So let's stand together and show them that DEPLORABLES VOTE

Robert Lucik Well as long as a republican is president, the democrats will devote all their time trying to remove them instead of working for the country.

Marty Winger Low life sub human's know they can easily get the information they want because Barr extended them the opportunity to do so. The problem is they (all) are misfits and can't figure out how the system works, as been proven by Nadler wanting others to do it for him.

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