Justice With Judge Jeanine January 26 2019 Fox News

Justice With Judge Jeanine January 26, 2019

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Trump did not cave, he made a tactical decision. A strategy decision to pick the ground to fight on.

What separates President Trump from every other president, is that he’s not one to hold his finger to the political winds before he makes a decision.

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Jason Davis The only underestimating that's been done, is those two dead beats thinking Trump isn't going get that wall built still! The only thing Pelosi and Schumer have showed the American people is, they don't care about any of us!! They only care about proving their power and undermining Trump at every turn. So the jokes on them, because Trump not only made it possible for thousands of workers to get their paychecks but he will still be getting the wall built!

Linda Ann Novak He showed that he cared more for the Federal Workers than Pelosi and Schumer… and, they WILL pay for it if they don't keep their word in 15 days. OR… if they block any attempt at compromise and agreement. Never try to bluff a bluffer. Anyone who plays poker knows that.

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