Justice With Judge Jeanine Fox News Today March 3, 2018

“Unlike Barack Obama who reduced our military every chance he could, Donald J. Trump has committed $700 billion to rebuild our armed forces so that he can protect the country that your husband and your comrade Barack made more vulnerable.”


Viewers reacted:

Roger Gilvin look to the future, Trump made it happen, and were moving in the right direction. Trump 2020

Pete Miser BO sign a bill of the same magnitude – Trumps 700 billion + Obamas 675 billion = over a trillion — what are we the people of the United States getting — I forget A show of force

Chris Skan Who is this person? Always see the same contorted face with hilarious captions attached

Rich Weaver More vulnerable? Inserting our military in countries we don’t belong make us all vulnerable.

Sue Howie Why does she wear make up and high fashion when she sounds like that.. It’s all so incongruent..

Earl Flanel I get being outraged, but this lady’s anger always seems so cheesy and contrived to me.

John St Pierre Can you imagine world leaders tuning into this and listening to this joke ?

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