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Secretary of State Mike Pompeo missed Friday’s deadline to comply with a subpoena to hand over documents related to the department’s dealings with Ukraine and President Donald J. Trump’s personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani.

Viewer reaction:

Shawn Thompson Sorry but until they take a formal vote on the floor which provides Republicans the ability to subpoena witnesses, as per the constitution, these are nothing more than informal requests for assistance and as (not) accommodating as the Democrats of been in their three-year witchhunt against an elected president, the only one response that should be given is “suck it“

Kristen Wright I recall deadlines and subpoenas didn’t mean anything to Clinton and Comey but now we want to follow the rules I guess and you wonder why we see this whole process as a joke and have no faith in the people that are suppose to represent us…let’s fire everyone and start over!!

Dennis Fuson Maybe I'm slow but trumps doing exactly what he should be doing. Draining the swamp. Kudos to trump. Biden is a shady character and what his sons doing stinks. Cant hurt to investigate if there nothing there then they have nothing to fear. Every supporter of Biden is trying to deflect from the truth because they know deep down somethings going on.

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