Justice With Judge Jeanine December 15, 2018

"The FBI didn't want the the truth. They wanted to take down a bit player to get to the big player." 

Kellyanne Conway weighs in on border wall battle

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Nancy Diraison It's been obvious from the beginning Lt. Gen. Flynn was stunned at the turn of events and being set up. His reputation is intact. May justice smile on him and restore him beyond what he has lost. Shame on the perpetrators.

Antonio Mercado All plans from deep state and they have many more like this coming up they went through plan A,B ,C ,D ,E, -now there at X there almost at the end of the alphabets they are hiding something big that's why they are so eager to get Trump impeached 

Steve Hutchison Judge Jeanine and Fox News are doing Putin's bidding by attacking our democratic institutions. Right-wing media will go to any lengths to protect criminal treasonous activity.

Burke Baldorf I believe Judge Joe said “they put him in a box then they shot him”. Too true.

I don’t care how experienced Flynn is, it’s the responsibility – RESPONSIBILITY – of the FBI to inform the subject of his rights. Mirandize!

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