Justice With Judge Jeanine 3-6-21 Fox News Today

Justice With Judge Jeanine 3-6-21

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Two more former aides alleged sexual misconduct against New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo Saturday.

The fact that this particular school in the Baltimore City School system is failing that many kids is just outrageous.”
Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan has called for an investigation into a Baltimore High School after a local investigation found scores of students at the school are failing.

Vincent Scalise of the New York National Guard was deployed to Washington, D.C., to help safeguard it following the deadly Capitol riot, but he was able to find a bright side to the mission after he was able to take a photograph with all 100 current senators.

Viewer reaction:

Melissa L. Stewart
Ummmm where is Kamala now when she was all about the #metoo movement before? Now all we hear is crickets, quite frankly I’m not surprised as her silence speaks volumes.
Andy should have been impeached long before now for the deaths of all those innocent elderly men & women. The families deserve justice for their lost loved ones.
I don’t think she wants to speak on any of this as to not put Biden’s harassment of so many to the forefront yet again. We’re in a great deal of trouble folks as Biden is suffering cognitively and we all know whom is truly pulling the strings. 2024 cannot get here soon enough

Chris Miller
We know the man is a letch… I’m more concerned about the apparent lack of concern by people over his responsibility in the deaths of thousands of seniors in nursing homes and his lies about it. His sexual advances have impacted the lives of a handful. His decisions on nursing homes and COVID patients impacted thousands upon thousands of lives.

Ray Madsen
I’m loving watching this guy self destruct before our very eyes. Wasn’t to long ago he was being idolized by the media as a model Governor who handled the pandemic in a stellar way. Even though we all knew then he was responsible for thousands of senior deaths by putting Covid cases in nursing home. Even now the media and the Democrats are mainly focused on his sexual harassment. That pales in comparison to the other. He needs to be charged and arrested.

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