Justice With Judge Jeanine 12-19-20

Justice With Judge Jeanine 12-19-20

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Senators are still in the nation’s Capitol, as Congress works to approve funding for the long-awaited coronavirus relief package by Sunday afternoon.

Washington, D.C., on Friday shut down indoor dining until mid-January as part of a number of measures to stop the spread of coronavirus, as cases again surged in the capital.

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Josh Richard
He should have been saying that literally the whole time. Individuals have the right to freely choose what to do. As long as it doesnt invade another’s right to freely choose. Thats called liberty.

Richard Murry
We have been making individual choices our whole lives, it’s called freedom. It’s what the Democrats are trying to take away from us.

Terry Thompson
You are kidding me Dr. Fauci! You are suggesting people will need to make individual choices?!?! What a novel idea!!!! Are we even capable of doing such a thing without government influence. I’m not sure I can take the pressure of making my on decision. Haha!


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