Justice With Judge Jeanine 12/1/18 Fox News Live Today

Justice With Judge Jeanine 12/1/18 Today

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Justice With Judge Jeanine 12/1/18

A touching new cartoon depicts former President George H.W. Bush arriving to heaven in a TBM Avenger war plane, which he flew during World War II, and being greeted by his late wife and daughter.


The reason why President Trump is with President Xi at the [G20] summit is in large measure because of the diplomacy of people like President George H.W. Bush before them

Trump meets with Xi at bilateral dinner

Mattis on Putin's aggression, Iranian mischief, Khashoggi

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Viewer reactions:

Gerrie Choy Trump and only Trump is responsible for the talks with China. I mean really, is everyone going to take credit for Trumps work thinking we are going to fall for that. Everyone before him were weak and let China walk all over the USA. Get a grip here people, Trump is getting things done others had no idea how to.

Kevin Hodgson Give it a rest. Bush was in office a long time ago. It's always Obama, Clinton and now Bush getting credit for today's accomplishments and Trump getting blamed for any negative.

Daniel Soskin President Bush was a senior advisor to China among his long list of public service. However, Henry Kissinger initially opened up China and many gaps and unequal ecnomic, trade, humanitarian and mllitary problems have spiralled since Bush was an advisor. Clinton, Bush 43 and especially Obama ignored all this, and only now our much-criticized but heroic President Trump is confronting the China problem head-on despite domestic Democrat and Mueller efforts designed to make him and America fail.

Johnothan Jones These POS pundits are so filled with resentment and deep state corruption, they will do EVERYTHING in there power to bury ANY accomplishment of Trump and omit his legacy in the history books because the mere idea of him getting elected goes against ALL of the Puppet Masters that pull the politicians strings since World War 2

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