Justice With Judge Jeanine 10-6-18 - Breaking Fox News - October 6, 2018

Justice With Judge Jeanine 10-6-18 – Breaking Fox News – October 6, 2018

President Trump speaks to Jeanine Pirro after Senate confirms Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

Justice With Judge Jeanine 10-6-18

The Silent Majority will turn out to vote in the 2018 election — and many of these very patriots will be wearing the official “RED WAVE” shirt at the polls. Click here to get yours today — limited supply!


Viewer reactions:

Kelly A great victory America. An even greater victory for so many men falsely accused of sexual misconduct.

Mark Dobbe Classic pompous liberal it would fit right in to your and the Democrats plan to question the legitimacy of the Supreme Court make things so much easier for you and the deep state to overthrow our government. Holder is the epitome of Evil

James Bossman DEMAND Feinstein be impeached and removed from office for gross incompetence …. revoke HER security clearances and immediately remove her from the Senate Select Committee on intelligence …. start a criminal investigation into HER finances for the Past TWENTY YEARS … was she colluding with Her Chinese spy, was she compromised ?

Terry Milburn Gorman I literally have goose bumps looking at this picture. Such a hard fought battle for he and his family. God Bless him and his family.


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